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Spooky Bibi controls the chaos behind a smile

This is a fandom/personal blog, not spoiler-free. More details in the "about" page. Check it out before following! :D
Aug 21 '14


I made a follow up to this post of personal experiences.

Aug 21 '14

y o u  c h e a t e d .

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Aug 21 '14

Top ten favourite Teen Wolf Characters, as voted by my followers:
#9: Braeden.

Aug 21 '14

I’m going to ignore that madness and focus more on Grant and his awesome role on the Flash. Because Glee just isn’t worth it. AT ALL. My sympathies and hugs go out to all affected! <33

Thank you! It’s a very reasonable course of action!

Aug 21 '14

That………doesn’t even make sense???? Wtf.

I’ve stopped trying to apply logic to Glee, but it doesn’t make the news less offensive!

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Aug 21 '14


 Teen Wolf AU - The Pack

graphic insp. by this post

Stiles Stilinski, only child of President Stilinski. Allison Argent, granddaughter of Chief Justice Argent. Derek Hale, son of former president Talia Hale. Lydia Martin, heiress to the nations’s largest oil conglomeration. And, Scott Mccall, son of political darling, Senator Melissa Mccall.

Their close friendship has been dubbed ‘The Pack’ by national media outlets. Although some see this group as just a teen obsession, others speculate that this group could rise to become one of the greatest alliances in U.S. political history. 

Aug 21 '14



Good Lord, my dash!  Are you all okay, my lovelies?

It looks like a few people were expecting me to lose my shit over today’s spoiler, and while part of me actually wishes I could recapture my pirate passion and keyboard smash with the rest of you, I’m afraid I have to disappoint.  I was definitely shocked to hear the news (and the confirming re-tweet from Max), but at this point I’m just not capable of having an emotional outburst about anything related to Glee.  I’ve been working towards this objectivity for nearly two years for my own mental health, and I guess I’ve finally proven to myself that I can resist a backslide or relapse.

That said, I still care about all of YOU, so as to that matter, the following:

- To those of you who are pissed:  While I cannot share in your rage, you have my unlimited sympathy and empathy.  I offer hugs, head scritches, lovingly prepared meals and a fully stocked wine bar.

- To those of you who are hopeful: I hope that whatever you are wishing for pans out, and that it makes all of the really shitty times worth having gone through.  God knows we have had our share, so while I cannot share in your excitement, I offer everything above that the pissed people get, as well as a promise that I will never ridicule you for having faith left.

- To those of you who just don’t give a shit: COME TO MY BOSOM I FEEL YOU SO HARD

-To those of you who don’t knew what they feel yet: Don’t worry, you will eventually fall into one of the three groups above.  It’s inevitable.

- To Max:  I hope you make some nice bank, and get some great publicity out of your return so that you can keep moving on to bigger and better things.  Although I will not be watching you on Glee under any circumstances, I am happy that you will have a chance to work with your friends again, and return to a character that’s so near and dear to your heart.  I know that whatever you’re asked to do by the writers, you’ll do the best job possible with it.  And if you get to sing, I promise to watch a context-less YouTube clip of it and flail with everyone else.  :)

- To RIB, I cheerfully invite all three of you to fuck yourselves with a chainsaw and burn your Writer’s Guild membership cards at the first available opportunity.  You are blatantly choosing to write storylines based on what will stir up whatever fanbase you have left the most, and it’s pathetic.  I may not be published (yet), and I may not be rich like you guys; but at least I have my artistic integrity intact.

 So now I need to get in some treadmill time, scrub my kitchen for MIL’s visit on Saturday, and hopefully have time left to work on Chapter 9 of Gravity.

Papa Bear agrees with Mama Bear in all things.

Aug 21 '14

Fuck I haven’t drunk alcohol in so long I’m already gone…. I’ve become such a lightweight!

Aug 21 '14
hahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahahahaha…. thanks. I needed that. what a joke!

SSadly it’s not one, but let’s still hope!

Aug 21 '14



Mostly I can’t wait for all the Kurtofsky fic that will come in retaliation of this news.

wait, what news????????????????????????????????????????????

Go check the max adler tag and cry with us.

Aug 21 '14

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Aug 21 '14




Dave is coming back to Glee for a few episodes, as Blaine’s boyfriend. Link in the Max Adler tag, from the Hollywood Reporter, and Max retweeted it so it’s legit. I’m fuming, it’s a horrible idea.








Welcome to the party!

Aug 21 '14
Anger at what? I just logged in. 0.o

Max is coming back as Blaine’s boyfriend, Glee is shit and fucks up everything, the usual.

Aug 21 '14



Okay I drank that vodka way too fast and also I didn’t eat today so… Whoops.

We are the same person. I went to play my rather violent and intense video game with three cups of coffee and a couple shots of rum in my system and now my body is vibrating and I nearly fell off my bed because my light bulb literally just popped and went out and scared the shit out of me.

That’s an epic story. :D Fixing myself a second drink just for that one!

Aug 21 '14
Don’t forget to drink some water with that, please, wifey. :)

Doing so, don’t worry my love! <3